Eating on the Go - Healthy Lunches on the Go

Eating Healthy on The goHustling to stay on time is hardly helpful when trying to maintain healthy eating habits. When work and home responsibilities have you on the move from morning till night, eschewing junk food during the middle of the day can be difficult. Nevertheless, just because you haven’t a moment to spare doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your lifestyle.

With a little planning, you can have healthy lunches ready and waiting to go in a flash. Portable sandwiches and snacks that give you the energy you need to keep on top of your frantic schedule. And, believe it or not, providing yourself with a nutritious, low fat alternative for your midday meal is easier than you may think.

Shopping Trip

Add items to your grocery list that are packed with nutrients, store well, and offer taste variety. Purchase your favorite unsalted shelled nuts, whole grain cereal, and low calorie pretzels to create a satisfying, yet convenient high-energy snack. Cracked wheat tortillas or pitas breads also offer an easy way to wrap up protein.

Use leftover dinner meats, cooked without excess fat in your 360 Cookware, to create delicious sandwiches for a healthy lunch on the go. Wrap chicken and veggie stir-fry in a tortilla with a dash of low-fat dressing for a quick carry meal. Or, place a slice of low-fat meatloaf between toasted bread for a nutritious sandwich.

Purchasing an insulated lunch bag is a wonderful way to take your healthy lunches and snacks with you wherever you go. Add in zipper bags of carrot or celery sticks for a crunchy alternative to chips, and don’t forget, apples, bananas, and oranges come in individual sizes with their own wrappers.

On the Road

If you just can’t pack your own, you can still purchase healthy lunches on the road. There are actually some suitably healthy choices available at the drive-thru now a days. Select fresh products like salads with low fat dressings, or choose grilled meats or baked potatoes for something hot.

Reduced fat dressing is also a yummy alternative to traditional butter and sour cream on potatoes, and by special ordering your sandwich without condiments, you can eliminate unwanted calories and additives.

Your healthy lifestyle is all about making the right choices, cooking healthier, and removing chemicals and preservatives from your diet by eating unprocessed foods. Even on the go, by incorporating healthy lunches into your daily schedule you’ll add another great way to improve your overall health and boost your energy level.

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