Great Gift Ideas for Dad!


Go on, make Dad’s Day with these great gift ideas!

  1. Not Just Any Jerk(y): Help your dad help himself and help save a precious food resource — the wild Alaskan salmon. The wild Alaskan salmon delivers quality protein and sixteen different omega fatty acids. Today, the proposed Pebble Mine threatens the future of Alaskan wild salmon and the livelihoods of Alaskan natives. You know how good wild salmon is for him, and he will love the taste of this jerky. So fill dad’s Father’s Day stocking with this jerky and Patagonia will support the No Pebble Mine campaign.
  2. Clean Up His Act, Daily: Dads love a practical gadget and this one will be a quick favorite. The New Wave Enviro Premium shower filter will reduce the chlorine on his body (and yours), is easy to assemble, and also softens water.
  3. Better BBQ: Dad loves his place at the grill making sizzling, great-tasting BBQ,  but you and he also know that health issues abound when BBQ’ing animal proteins. The perfect solution is a 360 Cookware stainless steel sauté pan to marinade and precook meat and fish (grass-fed and sustainable - please see #4) indoors to reduce the amount of carcinogens (and cancer risk) cooked up on the food.
  4. Better Health is Free: Not every gift has to carry a hefty, or even any, price tag. With the knowledge he can get from these free apps, dad is going to get and stay healthy for years to come. Check out the Meat Lover’s Guide at and the app for choosing sustainable seafood. You can download it to his mobile devices or print and leave a copy with his BBQ gloves. Afraid dad won’t read? Get him a gift certificate to,  or  – they only sell sustainable seafood, so your work is done for you!
  5. Deliver Nature’s Bounty to His Door: Dad may take time to go to the farmer’s market or look for organic local produce at the local store, but why make him work so hard for what’s good for him? Find a local CSA (that stands for community supported agriculture) and buy him a box of produce that gets delivered each week or once a month or go in with some other dads in the neighborhood to share a delivery.  Dad may not have ever bought or cooked bok choy but when it shows up in the box with a recipe for how to grill it, things might change.