It's Summer Time! Tips to getting Kids to Eat Healthy


Getting Kids to Eat HealthySummertime is here, and along with it, all of the wonderful pool parties, sleepovers and sports camps to attend, as well as vacations, amusement parks, and festivals to enjoy; and with all of these fabulously fun activities planned, busy Moms have even more to do. Our less structured, but more demanding summer schedules make it quite a challenge to maintain our family’s healthy eating habits. However, you don’t have to sacrifice wholesome foods just to save time. These tips can give you some ideas on how to ensure that your kids continue eating not only healthy foods, but delicious ones as well, and with the time that you save, you’ll get the chance for a little more R&R yourself! After all, Moms should be able to enjoy summer too!
   1. After purchasing plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, prepare it by cleaning, cutting, and storing it into various portion sizes. Place containers of cleaned and chopped melons, vegetables, fruits, and dips in the fridge for simplified snacks that promote healthy eating and easy add-ins for light suppers and lunches. Take advantage of the seasonal farmer’s market to supplement your grocery shopping trips. Your kids will enjoy the novelty, and the fresh local produce can be acquired quickly, without all the hassle of a large store. The fantastic prices and superior quality will amaze you, and you’ll be supporting your area’s economy by purchasing from nearby growers. 
   2. Use your 360 Cookware, 8-quart stockpot to make your favorite chicken stock recipe, but instead of using a whole chicken, substitute an equivalent amount (pounds) of chicken breast portions that include the rib meat. What I do, after the chicken has cooked, is remove the pieces and separate the breasts, then return the bones to the pot, to finish cooking the stock. When the breasts have cooled, I chop the meat and place some in the fridge, and some in the freezer. The moist and delicious meat can then be used to create healthy chicken salad, yummy casseroles, tacos, or any other recipe calling for cooked chicken. The stock, I freeze in ice trays. Once it has frozen, I transfer the cubes to large freezer bags and use the preservative free “stock cubes” to perfectly deglaze saucepans or add concentrated flavor to noodles or rice. This makes it easier than ever to skip the fast food and prepare a quick, delicious meal, maintaining the healthy eating habits you want for your kids. 
   3. Invest in some reusable ice packs and insulated lunch bags to take along on summertime activities. You can toss in plastic bags containing fruit and veggie pieces, shelled nuts or trail mixes, as well as other healthy eating options like your homemade chicken salad sandwiches and bottles of water. 
Getting kids to eat healthy can be difficult, especially during the summer, but by preparing and offering these healthy alternatives to processed foods, you’ll feel great about the selection you have provided for your kids, and can rest assured in the fact that your family is eating healthy and nutritious meals.