Making a Commitment: Buying Green Manufactured


Going green, buy green manufacturedMore and more Americans are becoming “Green” conscious; finding creative uses for things that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills, separating and recycling metals, paper, and plastics for the fabrication of new merchandise, and applying sensible conservation practices for water and energy use in their homes. All of these efforts are an excellent beginning, but consumers can have an even greater positive impact on the environment by committing to purchase “green manufactured” products.

Your purchasing power speaks louder than any other action, and as consumers, we have the ability to effect environmental changes that will have positive, long-term results. Buying goods that have been green manufactured effectively shows your desire for “green living”, and your serious intention to alter the wasteful energy practices in the fabrication of merchandise. Understanding the meaning of “green manufactured” will help you become aware of how this great production process can benefit your family and the environment.

Products that have been green manufactured are fabricated in facilities that have made a conscious and voluntary decision to employ eco-friendly practices and energy conservation. These industries receive approval ratings and certifications from independent agencies, organizations, and programs. Green-E is one such group that performs facility inspections and offers companies a distinctive seal if they meet 100% renewable energy requirements. Manufacturers that have been affirmed “green” also use certified eco-friendly packaging and cleaning products; for instance, shipping materials constructed of recycled materials, and cleaning soaps and disinfectants that are free from harmful petroleum bases and non-biodegradable chemicals.

When you purchase the 360 Cookware line, you are buying an American made, green manufactured product. The Americraft plant that manufactures this lifetime cookware line is strongly committed to environmentally friendly policies that promote a healthy environment. This facility has received approval ratings from Green-E and Green Seal, and partners with Green Bay Packaging to reduce waste and conserve energy. They fabricate their lifetime cookware products without volatile organic compounds, or toxic residues.

In choosing to purchase only green manufactured products, you’re shaping the way companies fabricate merchandise by steering market demand toward environmentally sound practices. This purchasing strategy can compel industries that want to meet the increased demand of consumers, to implement manufacturing changes on their own. You can instigate these changes with your buying power. The phrase, “Cash talks” really is true, and can make a difference in the way products are manufactured, because companies adjust to buying trends.

Choosing a green manufactured product for your lifetime cookware makes sense for your family, your home, and the environment. Show your concern for the world we live in, by making a commitment to purchase items that advertise “green manufactured”. With our support, companies and businesses that produce goods in an environmentally conscious manner will continue to prosper and grow, and you’ll be providing a legacy of responsible stewardship for your children and grandchildren. 


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