Time for Graduation and Wedding Gifts

Gifts for Graduation that last a lifetimeWell it’s that time of the year, spring has sprung and summer is right around the corner.  Many of you will find yourselves getting ready for graduation parties and upcoming weddings.  Mailboxes will be filled with bridal shower invitations and graduation announcements.

You can feel the excitement in the air as your sons, daughters, nieces and nephews anticipate their futures and prepare to move into their first apartment or house.  As you know from personal experience, these graduates and newlyweds will be on a very tight budget.  Eating out will be too expensive, so home cooking will become an absolute necessity.

Most of them will lack the basic kitchen essentials including cookware. Remember the first pots and pans you cooked with when you were starting out?  Did you have Mom or Aunt Nellie’s hand me downs, or the basic yard sale finds? Using lower quality cookware that does not perform well may result in disappointment, arguments, and food waste.

This is where you can be of great help and possibly save the newlyweds from needless arguments over the terrible quality of the meals. How you ask? By choosing a graduation or wedding gift that will last a lifetime. Give them a gift of 360 Stainless Steel Cookware. They will enjoy the energy-saving benefits of green cooking and better tasting food. Besides, it is in very good taste to purchase a housewarming gift of quality cookware for the kitchen.

High-quality cookware heats more efficiently, cooks more evenly for better tasting and healthier food. Our 360 Cookware is safer to use, easy to clean and lasts far longer than lower-quality cookware, making it a wise investment in the graduates' and newlyweds' overall cooking experience. Consider purchasing “green cookware”  with Vapor® Technology ~ not only does this cookware help the environment, but it also saves valuable cooking time by allowing foods to cook quicker, creating a noticeable savings in the gas or electricity bill!

Giving quality 360 Cookware as a gift will last a lifetime and save money in the long run, just don’t forget to check out 360 Test Kitchen Recipes!!