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Don't Make These Summer Health Mistakes

By Ashley Koff, Celebrity Nutritionist

Summer – from its hot days to its breezy nights – embodies health with gardens full of fresh produce, inviting waters (oceans, rivers, lakes), and the extra hours of daylight in which to play. Yet, as summer enables so much health potential, it can enable some risk. Read up to make sure you don’t make these health mistakes this summer.

Want to Eat Healthy? Dine In!


Dining at Home for Healthy EatingA healthy lifestyle requires that you have control over what goes into your body. When we eat out, whether at fast food or gourmet restaurants, we give up knowing exactly what food we're eating, how it was prepared, and the portion size. And let's be honest, we can never know exactly how hygienic the kitchen is at any restaurant. Healthy eating at home lets you enjoy your favorite foods the smart way: in the proper portions, with the levels of fat, sodium and other ingredients that you want.

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360 Cookware welcomes Ashley Koff as our Nutritional Contributor!

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