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Want to Eat Healthy? Dine In!


Dining at Home for Healthy EatingA healthy lifestyle requires that you have control over what goes into your body. When we eat out, whether at fast food or gourmet restaurants, we give up knowing exactly what food we're eating, how it was prepared, and the portion size. And let's be honest, we can never know exactly how hygienic the kitchen is at any restaurant. Healthy eating at home lets you enjoy your favorite foods the smart way: in the proper portions, with the levels of fat, sodium and other ingredients that you want.

Making a Commitment: Buying Green Manufactured


It's Summer Time! Tips to getting Kids to Eat Healthy


Time for Graduation and Wedding Gifts

Gifts for Graduation that last a lifetimeWell it’s that time of the year,

Colleen Covey ~ Working Hard and Kosher Salt

In our last installment for Women's History Month, 360 Cookware is proud to present:

Marguerite Patten ~ One of the Original Celebrity Chefs

Marguerite Patten was born November 4, 1915, in Bath, and grew up in Barnet Hertfordshire.  She took a cookery class after finishing school and became a Home Economist with the North Metropolitan

Fannie Merritt Farmer ~ The Mother of Level Measurements

Born on March 23, 1857 in Boston Massachusetts, Fannie Farmer was the oldest daughter of

Dana Slatkin ~ After the Effort Comes the Reward

In celebrating Women's History Month, 360 Cookware brings you female chefs of yesterday and today. May we present Dana Slatkin.

Marthe Distel and Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School in Paris

Continuing our Women's History Month special project, may we introduce you to Marthe Distel?


Remembering Female Chef Julia Child

Celebrating Julia Child Women's History Month In honor of Women’s History Month, we will be spotlighting Women of the Culinary Arts, from our past