4 Quart Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Cover / Slow Cooker

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The 4 Quart Slow Cooker unit is extremely versatile. Used on your stove top, it acts as a “little oven” baking small chickens to perfection. Placed on the Slo-Cooker Base, the 4 Quart cooks all day while you’re away! Busy families will love the convenience of this piece.

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    • Ergonomic Handles
    • Oven Safe
    • Stay Cool Handles
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Induction Capable
    • Cladded Metal
    • .110 Gauge

    Love this Gourmet Cooker. So handy, faster than a crock pot, and makes things so tender, no need to add much water to roast or steak. The vapor steam makes it tender and makes juice. It's great!

    Reviewed by: Peggy Taylor from Tamaroa, Illinois

    We love the fact that your able to sear the meat in the same pot that will be used to slow cooker it in for hours. Looks a lot nicer on the counter also.

    Reviewed by: Thomas w. from Ms

    We love the fact that your able to sear the meat in the same pot that will be used to slow cooker it in for hours. Looks a lot nicer on the counter also.

    Reviewed by: Thomas w. from Ms

    Not only makes great meals easy, it's a great way to reheat leftovers with drying them out. A Great American made set. Thanks

    Reviewed by: Thomas W. from Ms.

    First of all, let me say this is the first product that I own from www.360cookware.com. I own a lot of higher end stainless steel cookware and this product compares if not excels some of the other cookware brands I own. The 4 quart stainless gourmet cooker is so versatile and easy to use. I like to cook food that I normally would cook over the stovetop but don't want to leave a burner on while I am busy tending to other business. I have made homemade macaroni and cheese, slow cooked meats, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes and ham, soups, and chili. Everything made has been delicious. The pan itself is heavy duty with a great fitting lid. This functions like a slow cooker but cooks so much faster. For example, prior to going to my daughter's volleyball game tonight, I washed, partially peeled the potatoes, added it into the stock pot, a small amount of water, salt, pepper, garlic and seasonings. I turned it to level 4. By the time I got home to finish dinner, the potatoes were cooked. I quickly mashed the potatoes, added butter, and milk with seasoning. We had garlic red skinned potatoes as a side dish for dinner. I can make homemade macaroni and cheese in 3-4 hours with dry noodles with this pan. I just love this new piece of kitchen equipment. I own several varieties of slow cookers and a pressure cooker. If I need something cooked quickly with a slow cooker, I reach for this gourmet cooker. I can't wait to get the 2.3 quart pan to accompany the slow cooker base. Great job Americraft!

    Reviewed by: Kim R. from Midwest

    My family has the 4 qt Cooker as well as the traditional HUGE ceramic slow cooker. I prefer the 360 by far. It cooks at a much lower temperature (I had to learn that the entire 360 line cooks on lower temps) and has a complete seal. The lid seals so well even the smell of the cooking food doesn't escape (I once had forgotten that I had supper cooking and made another meal!). All the meats come out tender as can be and it is amazing how much food you can fit into the 4qt. It takes up a much smaller footprint than the big ceramic cooker and is easier to clean. Love this cooker!

    Reviewed by: Clint D from Charlotte, NC

    After buying the slow cooker, I never use my crockery slow cooker. Why dirty two pots when one will do? Also, my crockery slow cooker is sensitive to sudden temperature changes and doesn't vapor seal. I love beginning my meal stovetop then moving it to the electric base. I rarely use a setting above "3" and my meal cooks with no further attention. Often I begin a roast or chicken with potatoes and carrots on Sunday morning. When we return from church, Sunday dinner is ready to serve! If you own no other piece of 360 Cookware, buy this cooker. You'll have a versatile four-quart pot with the added convenience of using it as a slow cooker.

    Reviewed by: Cheryl N from Florida

    Outstanding product, I got tired of ceramic slow cookers from china that crack. The product has so many uses, slow cooker, stock pot, or just a quick and easy electric skillet, and its high quality is worth every penny. This is the only made in USA slow cooker left I know I searched.

    Reviewed by: John M from Delaware

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