Personal Service is Our Specialty

360 Cookware is a specialty brand that is best suited for the selective consumer. Our products appeal to many different types of consumers but one aspect remains consistent — passion. Our consumers are passionate about cooking, some are passionate about the environment, others are concerned about their health, we even have those who are dedicated to rebuilding the economy. These are all important aspects of our consumers' lives and we are honored to help them fulfill their passion. 

Our customers are educated buyers who make good buying decisions. Experience has shown that partnering with those who understand the benefit of having an educated consumer is key to our success. Our partnering programs include an online Affiliate Program for like-minded website owners; a Dealer Program for wellness centers, spas, registered dieticians, etc.; and a Gourmet Retailer Program for independently owned specialty shops (please send us a message if you'd like to add our products to your inventory). 

If you're interested in partnering with us to share our products with your customers, click the link that best suits your needs or contact us for details.