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Bakeware Helps Make the Season Bright

Posted by Beth Hurley on

Photo courtesy My Baking Addiction

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire …”

“We all want some Figgy Pudding, so bring some right here!”

“Over the river and through the woods, Now Grandma’s cap I spy.
Hurrah for fun; the pudding’s done; Hurrah for the pumpkin pie.”

What would the holidays be without baking? It’s that time of year when we don’t think twice about having another cookie or one more slice of pie. In fact, it’s expected! Good luck telling Aunt Helen that you’re full! While it’s a great time to become reacquainted with our favorite dishes, it’s also when we get reacquainted with each other. Some of the best things about the holiday season is getting to see everyone, catch up to find out what’s happened this past year and marvel at how much the kids have grown.

Great holiday conversations take place over delicious food. Multiple generations gather to prepare everyone’s favorites – including everything from cakes, pies, cookies and casseroles. The most seasoned member of the family will tell stories about meals that were prepared in a special pan that was handed down to her, while the young folk argue over who gets it next. Instances like this don’t happen with cheap, foreign cooking utensils. There will be no arguments over who gets the warped, rusted cookie sheet that’s wrapped in aluminum foil. Heirloom-quality, stainless steel bakeware, made in America, with a lifetime warranty, will allow your family to enjoy a lifetime of unique experiences generation after generation.

Whether you’re more comfortable in the kitchen or on the couch, chances are this time of year makes you a little sentimental. Ensure that you can duplicate that feeling every year by investing in baking utensils that will stand the test of time. Check out our stainless steel bakeware collection and see for yourself why people fall in love with our products.

Happy Holidays from the entire 360 Cookware (and Bakeware) Family!

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