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Does Eco-Friendly Cookware Make a Difference?

Posted by 360 Cookware on

Searching for and finding products that have been labeled environmentally friendly has become easier over the past few years. Educated consumers, fueled by the desire to reduce their carbon footprint, are increasingly selecting products that adopt eco-friendly measures during the production, packaging, and performance process. Moreover, buyers know that items like low flow shower heads and radiant barrier insulation prove their effectiveness in reducing energy use and water consumption.

But what about eco-friendly products like green cookware? Can it really have an environmental impact? Can this seemingly inconsequential alteration in our daily cooking routines really make a difference in our lives and communities? Absolutely!


Free enterprise has stimulated strong competition among industries to develop better, eco-friendly products. As more manufacturers respond to purchasing trends for green cookware, a race has begun to implement changes in production as well, gaining certifications for products that have been green manufactured.

The result has made a positive impact on the environment, by instituting alterations in manufacturing processes that conserve energy and our natural resources. A Green E and Green Seal certified manufacturer meets eco-centric standards by using 100% renewable energy, such as solar, water, or wind power, to generate the assembly line, and using cleaners that leave no toxic residue.

This type of green facility also incorporates closed loop and specialized filtration systems that prevent atmospheric and wastewater contaminations, producing an industrial work place that conserves energy and leaves no detrimental mark on the planet.


Packaging standards are included in Green certification requirements. Shipping containers must be constructed of recycled materials, and creating an after use product that is 100% recyclable; which in turn, maximizes the use of construction component materials, and translates into less trash for landfills.


Green cookware offers personal and environmental benefits by reducing energy consumption during its use. Scientifically engineered to perfectly cook foods efficiently, the cookware is designed to provide a cooking chamber that heats-up and cooks foods faster and maintains its constant temperature, on moderate to low heat. This effortless eco-friendly solution conserves a considerable amount of electricity, and can produce immediate savings on your power bill.

360-degree green cookware creates a vapor chamber that allows you to cook healthier, locking in flavors and juices without added fat. It also can be used for baking on your stovetop, reducing the need to heat the entire room with the oven, and consequently preventing the air conditioner from having to compensate.

Green cookware is among the many new energy efficient products now available. It has the ability to make a huge impact on our environment during production, and a big difference in your personal energy consumption and cooking techniques, saving you money and time.


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