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Make A Wish

Posted by Jamie Robinson on

All of us want the significant moments in our lives, and those of our loved ones to be occasions not only of celebration, but also a source of memorable enjoyment that can be reflected upon throughout the ensuing years, thus the tradition of gift giving to mark the event. This is especially true for wedding presents, when hopefully the gift you choose will be deeply appreciated, contribute to the home comforts of the newlyweds, and offer a constant reminder of their special day.

Which is why 360 Cookware has just introduced the addition of Make a Wish, a new online gift registry and wish list program that allows you to create your dream, lifetime cookware collection and then easily share it with your friends and family. Moreover, the benefits of joining the wish list, the advantages of cooking with vapor technology, and the superiority of the products themselves creates an irresistible combination that no home chef will want to ignore.

360 Cookware Registry: Make a Wish!

Benefits of Joining

The new 360 Cookware gift registry is perfect for bridal and baby showers, significant birthdays, and wedding occasions, providing the registrar with the opportunity to stock her kitchen with heirloom quality, lifetime cookware that she will never have to replace. The wish list allows you to add your favorite items, and offers an easy way for your friends and family to purchase a gift that they’ll know you’ll love, and then have it shipped directly to the address you’ve entered.

Advantages of Vapor Cooking

Your lifetime cookware from 360 provides the ultimate in healthy food preparation, allowing you to effortlessly cook and bake foods on your stove top, without adding fat. Fresh meats, vegetables, grains, and more are fully cooked by channeling the natural juices back into the food, generating an evenly heated, perfectly seasoned, savory meal in less time, and using less energy.

Great for making your own baby food as well, the lifetime cookware infuses the highly concentrated nutrients present in fresh vegetables back into the food as it cooks, allowing you to make more nutritious meals.

Superior Construction

Vapor cooking is possible because of the superior design and construction of this lifetime cookware. Surgical grade stainless steel is crafted, polished, and honed to perfection, using green manufacturing technology that not only creates a heirloom quality, lifetime cookware product, but helps our environment, both during production, and also as you use it every day.

Now with Make a Wish, the new wish list and gift registry from 360 Cookware, you can register your upcoming wedding or bridal shower, create your own gift wish list for your friends and family, and easily share the awesome benefits of vapor cooking with everyone you know. Registration is simple and fast, so why not begin building your perfect lifetime cookware collection today?

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