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Fun Ideas for Healthy Lunches

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We all know that scheduled eating habits offer numerous health benefits. Eating nutritious meals, such as energy rich breakfasts, healthy lunches, and satisfying dinners at the same time every day, can not only keep your body’s defenses in top form, it also helps regulate sleeping patterns, which promote healthy brain functions.

Therefore, discovering new ways to update old favorites, or infuse inventive ideas and creative flavors into lunch, is a great way to maintain your healthy lifestyle and keep your body energized. Whether at home, school, or work, deliciously fun, healthy lunches mean that you and your family are getting the nutrition you need to be your best, and are making choices today that can actively prevent early memory loss.

Healthy Lunches at Home

Your 360 Cookware makes it easy to create yummy, healthy lunches, minus a lot of preparation time and effort, by providing a wonderful way to cook savory meats, without the additional fat and preservatives used in pre-cooked, pre-packaged chicken, beef, or pork.

Whip up scrumptious chicken salads from the leftover chicken in a pot, or warm fabulous, single serve layered dips in the one quart sauce pan to enjoy with gluten free pita chips, or other fresh veggies for creamy, crunchy, fun and healthy lunches.

In addition, the one-quart saucepan is an awesome way to re-heat your perfectly planned dinner casseroles, pastas, and sir-fry selections, while preventing the moisture and vital nutrients from being nuked away in a conventional microwave.

Fun, Alternative Work Lunches

Brown bagging healthy lunches not only saves time and money, it provides a convenient, healthy, mid-day meal option for hard-working individuals. These fun ideas can be prepared beforehand, and grabbed quickly in the morning as you’re rushing out the door.

Try using leftover chicken, sliced tomatoes, and salad greens, along with wheat tortillas for a neat twist on a Greek gyro. Mix equal parts plain yogurt and crumbled feta with minced red onion, and lemon juice to create the first layer, add chicken and veggies, and roll up and refrigerate overnight. Pair with a side of organic olives or fresh green beans for a tasty accompaniment to your healthy lunches.

On the other hand, if your office or workplace offers a burner top, it’s easy to transfer part of your delicious evening meal to the one-quart saucepan for an incredibly yummy, compact lunch for the following day.

These types of healthy lunches offer a safe and convenient alternative to frozen “healthy lunches” by providing you with meals that you know contain only the best cuts of meat, a minimum of fat, and are free from chemical preservatives. Moreover, there’s no guesswork involved, you know you like it.

Designing fun, healthy lunches for yourself and your family starts with perfectly cooked dinners, a little invention, and your 360 Cookware, which provides the tools to create pleasing, culinary treats that will have them begging for more.


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