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The Dollar-Tail

Posted by bryan@americraftcookware (Bryan Hurley) on

Guest post from Bryan Hurley, owner of Americraft Cookware

discount_storesIt was sometime in the late 90’s that I recall having a conversation with a biology major about cattails. While I’m sure I probably went to a bar named Cat-Tails during the same era, the cattails I’m referring to are those long, slender, green, aquatic weeds that seem to be the prevalent species in lakes and swamps. The scientific name for these lean greens is Typha. As I recall, a group of us were standing around a lake and I mentioned that despite all the talk about the bad health conditions of the local environment, at least the cattails are growing well and that must be a good sign, right? Wrong. My biology buddy informed me that cattails in any body of water can be ok, to an extent, but they can also represent that the end is near.

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