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Designing Spaces features 360 Cookware on Think Green Segment

Posted by Beth Hurley on
Has your cookware seen better days with loose handles, scratches, knicks and burn marks? Does your food taste ho-hum instead of burst with flavor?

If you’re ready to replace it with cookware that lasts, why not reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the energy-saving benefits of greener cooking and better tasting food at the same time?

360 Cookware is made with the highest quality stainless steel -- and is built to last. Beautifully designed as well as functional, 360 Cookware, manufactured by Americraft, has been produced by generations of artisans and now has updated designs and state-of-the-art technology for today’s generation -- from novice to gourmet cooks.

Their energy-efficient cooking system features a Vapor® Technology that helps cook foods without added fat or excess water and allows you to enjoy dishes that burst with flavor:

• Reduces meat shrinkage so you can buy smaller portions

• 360 Cookware uses lower heat settings, reducing energy needs

• Use less oil and water when cooking, ensuring recipes stay nutritious

• Vapor® Technology allows for more efficient cooking

• Designed to last a lifetime, only need to buy once

This sturdy and long-lasting cookware will be a coveted prize for the aspiring student chefs on “All Mixed Up,” a new reality-based cooking series from the producers of “Designing Spaces” on Lifetime TV. A full 21-piece 360 Cookware and 5-piece bakeware set from Americraft will be given to the All Mixed Up Champion.

For more information on Americraft, 360 Cookware and to find recipes, please visit their website at

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