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WTMJ Milwaukee | West Bend Company Trying to Keep 'Made In America' Brand Alive

Posted by Beth Hurley on

WEST BEND- American-made products and the American manufacturing jobs behind them are hard to find these days.

But there is a company in southeast Wisconsin working to keep alive the words "Made in America." 

"Our machinery is made in America and all the technology is made in America," said a boastful Craig Weinand, senior vice president of operations at Americraft.

Weinand said his employees are keeping a Wisconsin tradition alive -- turning discs of metal into cookware.
Cookware as American-made as you can get.

From the metal discs that are stamped into the shape of a saucepan to the laser etching machine that engraves the Americraft logo or the boxes made by Green Bay Packaging -- each company along the way uses American workers to make American products.

"Some of those might be very small companies with two or three employees, literally what I would call a craft type industry. But that's small business, America was built on small business," said Jeff Cowie of We Employ America.

Cowie has become a champion of American-made products.
His company is young -- but has an ambitious goal.
To make its logo as recognizable as Underwriters Laboratory or the Good Housekeeping seal.

Craig Weinand admits aiming for 100 percent American made is tough.
On one of the company's new cookware lines -- they had to use a handle made in China.
But they're fighting the battles where they can.
Fighting to keep American manufacturing alive -- for another generation.

"If you want a bright future for your kids, I have three daughters, you better start paying attention to how you spend your income and buy quality products that are made in America," he said.

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