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Americraft Cookware Introduces 360 Cookware

Posted by Beth Hurley on

High Performance Clad Metal and Modern Design Offers Energy Savings and the Exciting Option of Cooking with Vapor® Technology

Prepare Delicious Low Calorie Meals with No Added Fats or Oils

MOUNT DORA, Fla. October 19, 2010
Americraft Cookware introduces an exciting new cookware product line that combines the beauty and conductivity of clad metal with a modern design and the additional benefit of cooking with vapor technology for healthier and tastier meals. This high-performance cookware is made of multiple layers of metals that heat not only the bottom of the pan like ordinary cookware, but also through the sides and up the lip to cook food quickly and evenly while using less energy - hence the name 360 Cookware. And by taking advantage of the vapor technology cooking option, families can enjoy recipes prepared with no added fats, oils or excess water for meals that are nutritious, flavorful and appetizing.
While 360 Cookware can make your favorite recipes in less time and at a lower heat than most any competitors, it is unique in offering the vapor technology cooking option, a revolutionary cooking method that turns each piece into a mini-oven. The specially-designed lid creates a floating seal that surrounds food from 360 degrees with a delicate vapor of even, controlled heat that locks in flavor, texture and nutrients. You can even bake on the stove top with 360 Cookware!
“Cooking with 360 Cookware is like driving a high performance car,” said President of Americraft Cookware Bryan Hurley.  “You get from zero to 60 much faster and without flooring the gas pedal. It’s not your Grandma’s cookware – but you can still make all her traditional recipes. Or you can use the vapor cooking approach to make them in an even healthier way.”
Sear chicken breasts to juicy perfection and bake potatoes to fluffy tenderness in a fraction of the time without turning the heat above medium or adding a drop of oil. No sticking, burning, or drying out, and no rubbery textures – just perfectly prepared food every time. By adding less to your food, you get more flavor and nutrients!
Durable, recyclable, and without the harmful chemicals found in coated pans, stainless steel is already the environmentally friendly choice in cookware, but 360 Cookware is a truly eco-conscious product since it uses less energy than conventional cookware and is produced in the greenest cookware manufacturing facility in the country. And, just as all Americraft Cookware products, it is made in America – a point of pride and significance for the owners and management of the company.
The last cookware you will need to purchase, 360 Cookware offers a variety of sauce pans, stock pots, sauté and fry pans and is also available in 6-, 9-, 15- and 21-piece sets. 360 Cookware is now available online at and in Manhattan at specialty retailer The Broadway Panhandler.
For more information or to schedule a demonstration of 360 Cookware, contact Jennifer Bilotta at 609-682-4145 or

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