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Our Story

In the middle of a recession when companies were abandoning domestic manufacturing and moving production overseas, one company felt it was the perfect time to start from scratch. In 2010, 360 Cookware was born to offer superior stainless steel cookware and a healthier cooking technology to a new demographic using an untested and unproven sales channel.

360 Cookware has a unique story with features and benefits that appeal to many different types of consumers. It’s made in America in a facility recognized by the EPA for responsible manufacturing, reduces energy costs, requires fewer additives when cooking, retains valuable vitamins and nutrients found naturally in food – it is the last cookware you will every buy.

In the early years, the cookware began developing a loyal following that adored the products. The quality and beauty was unsurpassed. Early admirers included green and healthy living expert, Sophie Uliano; renowned chef and popular author, Akasha Richmond; celebrity registered dietitian, Ashley Koff; founder of We Care Spa, Susana Belen; and several others. Magazine features became commonplace with a 2010 Prevention magazine article being responsible for a huge boost in consumer exposure.

As the brand continues to grow, our commitment to our cookware family grows stronger. 360 Cookware is a modern cookware company with a proven process that ensures customer satisfaction again and again. Our desire is to provide a lifetime of unique cooking experiences to every customer that trusts us with their family’s health.