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An Open Letter to Martha Stewart

martha stewart features 360 cookware

Dear Martha (can we call you “Martha?”),

As you bring the American Made Awards program to a close tonight in New York – recognizing the award winners with class and style – we wanted to show our appreciation to you and your staff. It was an honor and a pleasure to be a finalist in the program. Your brands have experienced tremendous international success — it’s admirable that you’d consider showcasing businesses who take pride in their “American made” status.

We are a proud American company. One of our best qualities is the delight and honor that our American craftsmen and women include in every piece of our cookware. It was a pleasure learning about other American companies who feel the same way we do – whose people, processes and products are rooted in great pride and a dedication to rebuild American manufacturing.

Having someone of your stature shine a light on American businesses will benefit all of the brands for years to come. Thank you for putting us all on the radar.

Take care and have a fantastic event!

The 360 Cookware Team

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