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Troubleshooting & FAQ's

These are 4 of the most common questions we get from 360 Cookware users. Find troubleshooting help below.

1. The lid is stuck and won't come off the pot; got stuck on the countertop; lid stuck on pot or pan.

The Reason: 

As the pans and lids cool, a vacuum will form rendering the lid unable to be removed.

The Fix:

Simply place the pan over medium heat for a few minutes. The stuck lid will lift off once the metals have warmed.

Should your lid get stuck on your countertop or other surface, soak a dish towel in hot water, wring out excess water and place the dish towel over the lid. The heat from the damp towel should be sufficient to remove the lid from any flat surface.

Note: Never place the lid flat on a glass cooktop. It may cause the glass to crack. When cooking, be mindful to not let the lid sit on any flat surface.

2. I can't get the Vapor Seal to form; the lid isn't floating freely during cooking.

The Reason:

Heat is too low (or off) or the pot is too large for the amount of food; vapors haven't been fully released by fools.

The Fix:

Increase the heat to medium to re-engage the Vapor Seal then try cooking over medium-low. Be sure the pot is at least two-thirds full.

3. Excessive steam and spattering during cooking; liquid is pooling around the lid.

The Reason:

Heat is too high; too much food is in the pot.

The Fix:

Remember to reduce the heat to low as soon as you see steam begin to escape from under the lid. If your burners run hot no matter how low you go, try using a Flame-Tamer which is available at many department stores. Be sure the cookware is no more than two-thirds full.

4. Foods burn or stick to the pot; cooking vapors boil away during cooking; persistent stains, blue tint or discoloration on the inside or outside of the cookware.

The Reason:

Heat is too high or the lid is lifted too frequently during cooking.

The Fix:

Remember to never heat cookware higher than medium heat (unless otherwise specified) and to reduce the heat to low once the Vapor Seal has formed. Discoloration is due to persistent overheating. Use one of our recommended cleaners to remove stains. Read here about cleaning Burnt or sticky food from your stainless steel pots and pans

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Vacuum sealed lids have been an issue of mine. The method of heating the pot a few minutes to remove the lid is great.

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