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360 Cookware is Ashley Koff Approved!

About Ashley Koff, RD

Ashley Koff, RD is the dietitian for the CW's Shedding for the Wedding (by the producers of the Biggest Loser) which began airing in 2011.  Koff's new book "Mom Energy: A 3 step cure for mom depletion" made its debut in September 2011 and has been described as THE solution for moms of all ages and 'mom types' as the book defines. Co-authored with celebrity trainer Kathy Khaeler, the book touts the secrets of some of our best known moms but does so in a way that focuses less on their celebrity and more on their need to have energy solutions just like everyone else. Koff developed the idea for the book when she noticed how many women coming in were seeking energy solutions - even if they didn't realize it (digestive issues, sleep medications, weight loss, depression) - and she's focused on "energy being the nutrition / health issue of this century." To that end, this past year, she created the Huffington Post Living's "Total Energy Makeover" with Ashley Koff, RD which featured advice from HP experts as well as aired a monthly segment on Good Morning America Health. 


The AKA Background

As a registered dietitian, I am committed to helping consumers, healthcare practitioners, and the media easily identify products that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle – what I refer to as being a QUALITARIAN (making the best quality choice available at any given time).  With a passion to take the QUALITARIAN way of life to another level, I started AKA as a readily available tool to aid in the selection of groceries, beauty products, dietary supplements, prepared food options, restaurants and lifestyle accessories.  The AKA stamp means "Yes, you can" and "Yes, you should."


The Rules

Whether it's a product, menu, recipe or gadget, the AKA stamp confirms that it has been evaluated and approved by me, as a better quality and healthy choice. More specifically, it means that the product does not contain any nutrition "no, no's," (artificial stuff, too much of something, not enough of another…), its marketing message is truthful and it fits into a nutrition plan for optimal health. What it does not mean is that anyone paid me to evaluate or influence my decision, and it also does not mean that a product stays either approved or not approved forever – I am always re-evaluating products to follow updated marketing messages, ingredients, learning about sourcing methods and focusing on truths in nutrition, not trends and fads.

The AKA List

I would like to invite you to check out the AKA list, easily navigated on my website, under "Ashley Koff Approved." 


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