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Slow Cooker Base

$ 109.00 USD

Turn your 2.3-Quart Stainless Steel Casserole Pan into a warming center and your 4-Quart Stock Pot into a slow cooker with this small, easy-to-use appliance. Our 6 Quart Gourmet Stock Pot fits perfectly on the slow cooker base as well, which is great for making larger portions. From keeping dips, sauces or hors d’oeuvres warm without scorching to slow-cooking a hearty stew that will be ready when you get home, this convenient stainless steel slow cooker base instantly doubles your cookware’s versatility. Busy families will love the convenience of this piece.

The heating surface is made of a steel plate that is black anodized and surrounded by a phenolic case. The steel plate is NOT a cooking surface but a heating element for the cookware items.

Product Features:
4 different cooking settings ~ Handcrafted in the USA. 

This Set Includes:
Slow Cooker Base ~ Use & Care Guide ~ Certificate of Authenticity ~ Cookware & Bakeware Catalog