Where is 360 Cookware Made

Wondering where 360 Cookware is made? 

Right here, in the USA. More specifically, a place we consider a hidden gem, home to just over 30,000 people- West Bend, Wisconsin. You may be curious why our products are no longer labeled, “Made in the USA,” and here’s the answer:

In 2019, our last dependable source for high-quality materials shut their doors and concluded business. Unable to find another vendor to support our needs, 360 Cookware was forced to outsource bonded materials from South Korea. 

Our team has worked diligently to assure all materials derive from sustainable sources to maintain both integrity and quality. While we are huge believers in bringing manufacturing back to the USA, in this scenario, it was simply not an option. We’re happy to report our partner in South Korea produces the highest quality material we have ever worked with.  

We look forward to the day we can resume purchasing materials in the USA, but until then, we promise to procure equally excellent products regardless of origin. 

To remain compliant with the FTC’s definition of a US-manufactured product, “all or virtually all” parts must be made in the USA. 360 Cookware has chosen to temporarily remove this distinction, as we are arguably no longer “all or virtually all” made in the USA. The cost to produce a 360 Cookware pan is disproportionately a US majority expense, however lack of definition made this a tough call. When foreign-made materials undergo ‘substantial transformation’ in the USA, the FTC’s vague verbiage regards them as “Made in the USA”. On our factory tour, visitors will note 24 steps of ‘substantial transformation’. (Hint: on just one part of the pan!) 

Our organization places great value on transparency, which led us to our decision to withhold from using the distinction of “Made in the USA”. 

You see, two parts of my business bring me great joy and a good night’s sleep. Firstly, I’m certain my product will never end up in a landfill. Secondly, I’m proud to say we pay the industry’s most sustainable wages. Providing American workers with a livable wage is the only option in our eyes, and I wouldn’t trade one penny of this humanity for profit. Paying honorable wages means steeper labor costs, and that labor cost alone accounts for the majority of our expenses accrued “all or virtually all” in the USA. 

Although the FTC provides much room for interpretation, I choose to avoid legal arguments. The way we see it, our money is better spent supporting US engineers and manufacturers than a drawn-out court battle. Until I’m able to once again source 100% of materials in the USA, we’ll wait to make the “Made in the USA” claim. 

Just last year, we brought our rivets back to the USA. This year, we have big goals of adding metal handles to that list. We’re going to stay strong, and work hard until all 360 Cookware and bakeware is once again “Made in the USA”. 

Interested in learning how your cookware is crafted? Keep reading to see what goes into making one 360 Cookware One Quart Pan:

Parts needed to make a One Quart Pan with lid:

  1. 1 Bonded metal disk - Made in South Korea
  2. 1 Single ply stainless disk - Made in the USA
  3. 1 long metal stick handle - Made in China
  4. 1 short lid handle - Made in the USA
  5. 4 stainless rivets - Made in the USA


Production needed to make a One Quart Pan with lid:

*Shell is the term used to describe the pan body

*Cover is the term used to describe the pan's lid

  1. Bond stainless/aluminum/stainless metal disk - South Korea
  2. Cut blanks for use in cookware shell production - South Korea
  3. Form stick handle - China
  4. Finish stick handle - China
  5. Mill stainless cover metal - USA
  6. Cut blanks for use in cookware cover production - USA
  7. Diecast cover handle - USA
  8. Finish cover handle - USA
  9. Diecast rivet - USA
  10. Surface finish rivet - USA
  11. Press shell blank into initial form - USA
  12. Press set down into shell for cover set down - USA
  13. Trim shell form to perfect circle radius - USA
  14. Sand shell inside finish from bronze to food-safe - USA
  15. Buff shell outside finish from bronze to mirror - USA
  16. Finish shell bottom - USA
  17. Wash formed and finished shell - USA
  18. Pre-Trim shell inspection - USA
  19. Perforate shell for handle rivets - USA
  20. Place and rivet stick handle to shell - USA
  21. Laser etch trademark to shell - USA
  22. Post trim shell inspection - USA
  23. Pack formed, finished, trimmed, and inspected shell - USA
  24. Press cover blank into initial form - USA
  25. Trim cover form to perfect circle radius - USA
  26. Sand cover inside finish from bronze to food-safe - USA
  27. Buff cover outside finish from bronze to mirror - USA
  28. Wash formed and finished cover - USA
  29. Pre-Trim cover inspection - USA
  30. Perforate cover for handle rivets - USA
  31. Place and rivet strap handle to cover - USA
  32. Post trim cover inspection - USA
  33. Pack formed, finished, trimmed, and inspected shell - USA
  34. Final inspection of both shell and cover - USA
  35. Pack and ship complete One Quart - USA


Six parts, 35 production steps and expert craftsmanship. 

As you can see, over 85% of production and components originate primarily in the USA, something we are very proud of. And while our is to return to 100% Made in the USA by 2023, until then, we’ll continue to craft superior cookware and bakeware you can stand behind. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about how your 360 Cookware is designed and built, and continue to trust us for your culinary needs.