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Breakfast is the New Comfort Food

When most people think of comfort food, southern staples like macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings or even desserts like cheesecake or cherry pie come to mind. It’s a little baffling because, nothing brings more comfort than the smell of bacon while walking around the house in fuzzy slippers. There’s contentment in a Sunday morning dining experience where the attire is flannel pajamas. An intimate familiarity in breaking the fast with those you kissed goodnight the night before.

Generally speaking, traditional breakfast foods don’t take long to prepare and cook. Breakfast casseroles can be prepared the night before and hot cereals can cook all night in a Slow Cooker. Experts in nutrition and dietary sciences consistently communicate the importance of having a healthy breakfast. It’s imperative to refuel and prepare your body for the day’s challenges. Providing a healthy breakfast properly prepares your loved ones for a successful day.

While all meals are important, there’s something special about breakfast. We conducted an informal study of 360 Cookware customers and were pleased to discover that breakfast is indeed an important part of their day! Cooking a healthy breakfast in their favorite 360 Cookware stainless steel pots and pans is a great way to get the juices flowing. Here are some of the breakfast ideas they shared:

If your kitchen is generally closed until noon, imagine what a little planning could do to prepare your family for the day ahead. Start small with fresh fruit or yogurt and before you know it you’ll be in the habit of providing a nutritious meal every morning.

What breakfast foods bring you comfort?

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