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How NOT to Overcook Your Meat

There are several benefits to cooking using the Vapor® Cooking Method. One of which is the succulence achieved when cooking your favorite meats without overcooking the meat. Meats are tender, juicy and absolutely delicious. Once you’ve tasted the difference, it’s hard to return to the traditional way, especially after reducing your chances of serving over-cooked meat.

Tips for Making Over-Cooked Meat a Thing of the Past

If you haven’t tried cooking meats using vapor cooking, here are just a few tips:

  • For poultry, beef and pork, always preheat the pan on medium heat. Seafood does not require a preheated pan.
  • Toss a few drops of water in the pan. When they dance around, the pan is heated.
  • Place the meat in the pan to sear. Cover, and allow to cook.
  • After a few minutes the vapor seal will be engaged. Spin the lid and turn the heat to low. DON’T PEAK!
  • Once the meat has cooked for the amount of time that coincides with your desired level of doneness, remove from heat and serve.

Once you’ve gone through the motions a few times, understanding how to reheat meat without overcooking will become second nature. We have developed a guide to help you monitor how much time is necessary for different types of meat and levels of doneness.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Tell us of your adventures in preventing over-cooked meat. You can visit one of our digital dining rooms — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram — to hear what others think and to be a part of the conversation. You can also visit our Video Library for examples of how to cook some of your favorite meats.

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