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Dear 360 folks, I'm well pleased with the slow cooker and sauté pan that I bought earlier. If I had not already invested in a range of All Clad pots and pans, I would invest in more of your products. I also like your brand name- 360 means a complete circular turn - in other words a re-turn- to health and joy through good nourishment. I hope you grow - inspired to create ever more beautiful, health supporting products.Thank you!
-Bibi from Delaware

Remarkable service! Thank you so much. 1 hour and 11 minutes after I placed my order, I received a message saying that my order was already shipped. I do a lot of online shopping and I was very impressed with your service. I can hardly wait to use my 360 Cookware. The videos on your website are terrific!
-Marlyse from HI

I have a set of All-Clad cookware but needed to replace a large stock pot I had. I wanted stainless steel made in the U.S. & discovered your site. I ordered the 8 Qt. stock pot and absolutely love it. I use it for large quantities of soups/sauces so I can freeze some for later. I can't believe how much faster the soup/vegetables get done. So now I have ordered other pieces and find myself reaching for the 360 cookware all the time. I now have a 9 pc. set. I made dinner for a large family (mother was recovering from surgery). I called her in the afternoon to tell her I was bringing a complete meal to them for their dinner. She couldn't believe how fast I was able to bring the meal to her from the time I called her, so I explained I had the 360 cookware and how much faster everything cooks. I just recently purchased the 3 Qt. & the 7" fry pan and use the 7" fry pan daily. I tell my husband several times a week how much I love this cookware as I do a lot of cooking. I had told my sister about your cookware, sent her the link and she also has replaced all her cookware with the 360 cookware. Thank you for such a wonderful line. I forgot to mention how the food has such a wonderful, fresh flavor. So again, thank you for a wonderful line and excellent customer service. 

- Linda from FL

I have been using 360Cookware for many years now and it took me some time to get the pieces I wanted and glad I did as I use them all the fact I made Chili with beans last night in my 6 quart pot and they turned out perfecto! Gave some to my neighbor who enjoys them too! There are so many uses and ways to use my pots and pans! They clean up in a breeze with the steel cleaner to sell also. Even though at times I do lightly brown some items, like I said they clean up like new! REALLY!!! I even glad some of the pans to my neighbor and she uses them all the time too! Thanks 360Cookware for making my life so easy! (PS - My dogs love whatever I cook in them too...even vegetables!)
- Rhonda from PA

I find the 8.5" fry pan easy to cook with, but it is not easy to clean, I have tried baking soda.
- Jeptha from AL

There will never be another pot for me…
- Dorothy from IN

I was so excited when I received my new cookware. I was nervous at first because it was stainless steal but I love the way it cleans up - so easy and if I have any issues I look on the 360 website for advice. I enjoy the recipes on the website and thought the baked potatoes on the stovetop were delicious and so much quicker than in the oven. Great cookware. Love it, and love that it's made in the USA. I really do love the product, my friend actually turned me onto it because she has it and I got to work with it weekly when we would have dinner. It is truly worth the price. Thank you!
- Christine from CA

I love the cookware but still getting used to it. But I like it!
- Diane from NY

We love our new 11 inch square frying pan. Also we are so glad to have found a pan that is not a non stick coated pan.
- Robbie from CA

I wish I had them sooner. It's a great product and I highly recommend them. So easy to clean and shine like new.
- Christine from IA

Love your products!
- Ruth from WA

The 360 Cookware cake pans are the best cake pans I have ever had. They bake better than any other cake pan I have ever used. My father recommended them to me and after buying two for myself I then bought two more sets as gifts for my mother in law and a close friend. I use them to bake cakes and pizzas in. They are perfect for small pizzas. I used to bake pizzas in stoneware but have switched to the 360 pans because they make superior crust. I highly recommend these to anyone.
- Catherine from MD

I couldn't be more pleased with all your products and your Customer Service is excellent. Thank you for a great American made products.
- Pamela from OH

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and for the advice that you gave me. I did try using butter on my griddle and it worked perfectly. I no longer have that burnt on residue like I did when using canola oil. I also ordered the Americraft Stainless Steel cleaner from your website. What a fantastic product. It cleaned my griddle so well that it looks brand new. I also used it on my other stainless steel cookware and even the old ones look like new. Thank you for the recommendation. I know that I will be returning for additional products when needed. My griddle is the first piece of cookware that I have purchased from 360 Cookware but I'm certain it won't be my last. I highly recommend your line. 
- Kathy from WA

I was so excited to try my new cookware. It's fantastic. I love the way it cleans up. I was browning chicken breasts for a recipe and accidentally over cooked one side and they stuck to the pan. Clean-up was a breeze. I just filled the pan with one inch of water, brought to boil and presto ... wiped right out. They still look brand new and I have used them everyday. Word to the wise ... we cooked your recipe of skillet lasagna, delicious; however, the lid got stuck. So, after trying to undo the lid I decided to read the manual. Said to bring the contents back to medium heat to remove the lid. It worked! Great cookware. Love it, and it's so nice looking as well.
- Amy from Douglasville, GA

I am still learning to cook with the 360 Cookware. I tried chicken in it first and cooked it too long or too hot. The next thing I tried was frozen black eyed peas and broccoli with very little water and they turned out great. My next attempt was parsley new potatoes. I finally got the heat right and used very little water and trusted the cookware to do what it is supposed to. These turned out awesome. There is a learning curve especially learning what works with my stove but I'm getting there. I have two pieces and as soon as I can afford to, I will be adding another to my collection.
- Tonia from Equality, AL

We love cooking eggs in our cookware. But waterless veggies is a close second. Can't wait to cook lasagna on the stove! Yes, it is easy to take care of. We do love our cookware. It takes longer to heat up, but retains heat for a long time! Tried cornbread on the stove. Was edible but need to try again. LOVE the idea of baking on the stove!!! We heard about waterless at a home show, and did a search for a more affordable set. W also wanted a brand that was made in US! We have recommended them to our family and even made another big purchase last week!!
- Tina from Warrenton, MO

Scrambled eggs (so far) - did not burn them; cooked evenly and cleaned up great!
- Sondra from Bryan, OH

All I can say about the pots is simply amazing.
- Theresa from Bronx, NY

360 Cookware: What's your favorite meal to prepare in your cookware?
Richard from Monterey Park, CA: Chicken/Rice
360: Is it easy to take care of your cookware?
Richard: YES! AWESOME!
360: Have you noticed a difference in the taste of your food?
Richard: Yes, I have and LOVE IT!
360: How did you learn about 360? Would you recommend it to your loved ones?
Richard: The Doctors Show and YES I would!

I love it because of the easy cleaning. My food is delish and would totally recommend this product to family and friends. I learned about it from the Doctor's Show. Very happy..
-Virginia from Alta Loma, CA

I'm loving my new cookware. I was skeptical at first, although drawn to the vapor technology. But tasting is believing! I couldn't possibly pick out a favorite meal as they have all come out great - not a normal occurrence with me. I haven't burnt a thing yet. Cleanup is a breeze. Yes, I do notice a difference in taste, food seems mellower, not as bitter ( I know, that's not what you were expecting to hear.) These pans compare favorably with the other pans I have. Since I've never been one to cook over high heat, they are probably more suited than most. I learned about 360 on Amazon when I was searching for a new crockpot. It was exactly what I was looking for, for a crockpot, but has proved to be even more than I expected since it handles non-slow-cooking so superbly as well. So glad I took a chance on it! Now I just have to save up for the 3.5 quart saute pan and then the 2.3 quart saute pan... Yup, I'm hooked! Thanks for such a great product!! More recipes and especially a conversion "chart" which explains how to do various cooking techniques utilizing the unique qualities of 360 would be so appreciated. 
-Karin from Mount Vision, NY


Thank you very much!! I'm amazed at this cookware! I truly love it! I love how quickly it cooks and how delicious the food taste! There is no comparison to other cookware I have had. I will always use 360 Cookware and am looking forward to ordering more! Again .... Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. Eco green and made in the USA makes it the Best! Please never "sell" out!
-Lynn from Honea Path, SC

Love the pots/pans. I cook in them almost every night. Wash them in the dishwasher, then use just a touch of BarKeepers friend to get them back to pure silver.
-Rob from Mendota Heights, MN

I haven't had any experience with burning food yet. I kept the heat to low! The food tastes fantastic. I have been using the four quart pot to make soup. It does a wonderful job. I can't say enough good things about 360 Cookware.
-Nancy from Morriston, FL

I was impressed with the quality. I have All Clad as well, and prefer the 360 Cookware. 
-Vic from Rome, GA

I'm blown away by your customer service. Everyone I've encountered seems like a friend.
- Rebecca from Ithaca, NY

I have used my pan for cooking meat with the lid off. I've also made a delicious chicken tikka masala the other day. I usually cook the veggies first, but I think I can skip that step and just put them on top of the chicken. I also made cornbread (not your recipe but) it came out delicious. I think that tells you it's really saving energy. (20 minutes on the stove at low vs. 20+ minutes in an oven at 350). 
- Elisa from Armonk, NY

My favorite piece is the 4qt with base. I find myself using it constantly. Cooking with my 8qt stockpot, I've made many soups, stews and, meats. It's so much lighter than my Le Creuset and the flavors are so rich and true. I must be enjoying my 360 because I keep on ordering other pieces. I was considering buying All Clad but so happy I went with 360 Cookware.
- Patsy from McDonough, GA

I own several pieces of your 360 cookware and I'm completely sold on your product. I love your pans! I'm passionate about cooking and have been known to be a bit of a pan product snob. Now I only use your pans and rarely use anything else. Thank you very much. Keep up the fantastic work making your product.
- Lucy from South Gate, CA

Hi, I received a tote bag in the mail the other day. I was very surprised and thankful to receive it. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the surprise gift and wanted you to know that I absolutely love it. What a great company and great person in charge that thinks to do such a nice thing for their customers. Wow! I like this company the more I deal with them. Also, nobody could be happier with their pans than me. Thank you so much for making such a great product and in the USA and thanks for making me feel like a valued customer. 
- Mary Ellen from Valley City, OH

I cook omelets maybe 4 times a week. I tried to fry a couple of eggs and I'll have to work on that. I love how it cleans up and looks great! The vegetables have more taste! Compared to others I have used they seem to have better quality and will last longer. I learned about 360 from American Made Products and yes, I have recommend this to others.
- Mary Jane from Bethlehem,CT

I purchased the cutter and loved it! I made a zucchini salad in just a few minutes.
- Stephanie from Santa Monica, CA

Pot roast and veggies are my favorite to cook. Have IDE recipes seen on YouTube. The steak didn't turn out, but I think it was because they were to thick. I haven't burned anything yet. The saute pan is easy to clean. I haven't really noticed a big taste difference. I like how the pan is made, good quality and sturdy! I love how so many things can be prepared in one pan. I was surfing for American made cookware and this is how I found you and have recommended it to friends.
- Sally from Bozeman, MT

I was very pleased with my cookware. Biggest mistake was forgetting to turn the heat to low, but the stainless steel cleaner reclaimed my beautiful pan. My favorite recipe is chicken breasts with fresh vegetables, excellent fresh taste. Learned about the cookware from my daughter-in-law, as we are undertaking healthy cooking for our family.
- Susan from Mill Creek, WA

I bought this cookware because I needed a non reactive pan to cook in for my elderly dogs who are on a special diet. I tried the chicken and vegetable recipe and enjoyed it quite well. I have found the vegetables taste so much better being prepared in this cookware. I definitely love this cookware and would highly recommend it to anyone who's looking to purchase a stainless steel set. It has everything you could possibly want. The weight and construction of this cookware cannot be matched.
- Teresa from Gastonia, NC

I got a griddle pan and didn't believe you didn't need to use any oil. I put butter on it before making pancakes, big mistake. Ended up being a gooey mess on the pan! I've since retried making pancakes with nothing on the pan to coat and they turned out great.
- Jill from Lafayette, IN

I tried to prepare canned corn beef hash. It burned in and I watched the 360 Cookware video to find out how to clean up a burned pan. I have the 3.5 Quart Sauté Pan and I followed the directions by putting 1/4 cup of water into the hot pan and scraped clean. It worked beautifully and didn't leave any trace of burning. I am thankful for that.
- Lonnie from Abilene, TX

I bought the RV set of 360 Cookware for traveling in our motor home because I always hated leaving my full set of cookware at home while traveling! It took awhile to get used to my propane cooktop range temperature control to find that "medium" heat temperature setting. A few slightly scorched vegetable meals later, we found the right setting! Luckily, a bottle of stainless steel cleaner travels with us so the pans are still keeping their shine!
- Brenda from Round Rock, TX

I had heard somewhere that it was possible to do baking on the stovetop and I frequently find myself putting the oven on just for baked potatoes. After a fairly extensive internet search I came across your excellent website and decided to purchase your 3.5 Quart Sauté Pan. IT HAS REVOLUTIONIZED MY COOKING! Why is this stuff not easily available in the UK?! I will definitely buy at least one more pan. A very easy one pan dish for the 3 in our house is 5 oz pasta, 1 can tomatoes, 1/2 cup water, onions, garlic, leeks, vegetables and cook for about 10 minutes after reaching vapor point. Sprinkle with grated cheese and it's a tasty one-dish meal!
- Debbie from Aberdeen, Scotland

Haven't had my cookware very long but so far I must say that I have found new joy to being in the kitchen. This cookware makes it so fast and easy to prepare just about anything. And it's so easy to clean up. I've been raving about my new cookware to just about anyone who will listen, telling them to throw out all those old pots and pans and go to!
- Shirley from Bluffton, IN

Everything comes out great.
- Thomas from Laurel, MS

I was very surprised and happy that Linda in customer service contacted me personally. I have not used the products much, but have been happy with the easy clean up.
- Deidre from Oakland, CA

I love this cookware. It is so easy to clean and take care of. I love the fact I can cook veggies without drowning them in water. I would definitely recommend 360 Cookware. Can't wait to add to my collection.
- Kathy from Union, MO

I have really enjoyed the slow cooker!
- Lisa from Washington, DC

My favorite meal has been breakfast. I tried your pancake recipe and it was a huge hit in our house!! I burned the first batch because I couldn't believe that it would really cook on such a low temperature. After I was done with making all the batches, I put the pan right into the dishwasher and it came out beautifully!! I have to admit that I was truly surprised on how well it worked and cleaned up. I have passed on your link to family, friends and will also do so on my Facebook page. Thank you again.
- Michelle from St. Louis, MO

Love the cookie sheet! Wonderful for Christmas cookies!
- Janice from Sequim, WA

Love this cookware! My 2 favorite recipes are whole stovetop chicken and my version of amazing chicken parm!
- Sheila from Rogers, AR

Love how things don't burn and are healthy.
- Cheryl Gray

I just have to tell you I absolutely love the two pans that I purchased recently. I only wish I would have done this sooner.
- Mary Ellen Zaremba


The following message was written about our Customer Service Manager, Linda Coburn. 

Dear Linda's Manager,

I am a very cautious customer.  Before making a very large investment I do a TON of research and fact-finding about the product and the company.

About a year ago, I was interested in switching over from non-stick cookware to stainless steel but wanted to get the most value for my money, while getting a product that was well made, made in the USA and had a good reputation.  My search led to 360. I purchased one piece from your 360PRO line (the 2.3Qt saute pan).  I tried my one lonely piece of stainless steel cookware for about a year.  I loved it.  I watched and waited for a sale.  And waited.  Then finally, I pounced on my opportunity.  Not knowing if/when something better was going to come along, I bought the biggest set I could.  I told my friends and my family.  As a result, my mom is trying a couple of pieces to see how she likes it and a friend is trying a couple of pieces, too.

But what really sealed my loyalty to 360 was Linda.  When I got my saute pan a year ago, she called to check on me to see if everything was right.  Everything looked right to me...I had a pan, a cover - I thought I was all set!  But then she asked if I had one handle or two.  Apparently they had send me the 2Qt instead of the 2.3Qt.  I would have never known the difference if it were not for Linda.  She was really looking out for me.  I really felt that she stood behind the product and the company backed their product.  I was impressed.

Linda also followed up with me after my recent $2,000 purchase a few weeks ago.  I told her all was well - a few pieces looked like they had very topical scratches and some dark marks but I thought they could easily be cleaned.  She offered to switch them out (which I knew she would do for me in a heart beat).  I really didn't want to put the company through that kind of expense when I was pretty sure I'd be able to clean it - I asked for some recommendations for cleaning (I had not received very helpful advice from the sales rep when I asked) and she told me exactly what kind of sponge to use, what cleaner to use and what method to use (circles like waxing on/off in the karate kid!). haha.  THAT's customer service.  When she didn't know an answer to something, she found out and got back to me.  Then she went above and beyond and sent me a sample sponge and some cleaner for my products. WOW! No guesswork!  I am so grateful to her.  I have since spruced up the two pieces to perfection and cleaned my one year old 2.3Qt saute pan and it's all gorgeous again!!!

Linda embodies customer service.  She always has a cheerful tone and is very patient and takes her time to explain everything.  She is thoughtful and kind.  I am so happy to interface with her as your company representative and grateful for all she has done for me.  She's sealed my loyalty even more and you bet I'll be showcasing this product to my girlfriends when they come over for parties!

I may be a cautious customer but once I'm sold, I'm very loyal.
Thank you, Linda.
Kindest regards,
Sheri Mayer
Proud owner of 360 line of cookware ... for life!


I love your pots and I have gotten rid of all my other cookware. When I use your products I am very confident that my finished meal will be full of flavor and tender. Thank you so much for providing a wonderful American made product. The reason I first purchased your product was because I was using Magnalite and read about the relationship between aluminum and dementia. Since I was my mother's caregiver, I wanted to keep her as healthy as possible so I looked into stainless steel cooking. After researching all the American made products, I tried yours. It has been the best investment that I have made. Thank you again.
- Karen Schaefer

Upon receipt of her shipment, Julie says, "I look forward to using them all - they are beautiful!!! Before Christmas, I made a commitment to buy AMERICAN MADE products. I must admit I have been guilty of not giving thought to that at length until watching GMA and the discussions of how many people we keep employed by doing so. I read about 360 Cookware on Gorgeously Green and have been watching it for a while hoping for a sale!!! I've had All Clad until this purchase and just unwrapping them I must say I am very impressed with the quality."

- Julie Sanders

"Love my 360 Cookware!"
- Candy Spahr

"I am a repeat customer. We are extremely satisfied with our one-quart sauce pan. I am byuing this as well as a 3-quart sauce pan for my Mother for Christmas. We are proud to support products like yours and US jobs!"
- Calvin Stiles

"I used the pot that I received the whole weekend. I love them!!! I was a little scared when I made scrambled eggs but a little water and heat in the pan did the trick and it came very clean, easy. So excited. Thank you again."
- Amy Scrivnor

"I have recieved the cookware, and I have been enjoying it for several weeks now. I wanted to try out the cookware and [the 3 Quart Sauce Pan] seemed like a perfect pan to start with. I have an extensive collection of cookware. I started collecting stainless steel cookware about 30 years ago. I began with AllClad. The first set I had was the aluminum set, and I lost that in my first divorce, so when I replaced it I began replacing it with the stainless, which I fell in love with. I have a few other errant brands thrown in the mix, but when I tried your saucepan, I think I have found my latest passion. I love the way it heats up and retains the heat so I can cook in a more controlled way. The lid fits so nicely, and gently rolls around the edge of the pan ever so smoothly, the handle feels very strong and substantial when I hold it, either while I am cooking, or lifting it off the stovetop. And I think it is extremely attractive, this is cookware that you want to leave out (as on a pot rack). Your cookware seems to work more efficiently than even my Allclad. It seems to heat up faster and cook faster at lower temperatures. I am truly enjoying this cookware, and I am trying to decide which piece I will invest in next. I think it may be a saute pan."
- Valerie (Lewis' better half)

"My wife and I have been cooking whole chickens in your amaizng slow cooker. We add celery, carrots, onions and a few spices and of course absolutely no water or liquid! We turn the cooker on high for about 3 hours and get a delicious amazing chicken that falls off the bones! 

"Yesterday at about 3:00 pm, my wife started a chicken that we were going to save for later. At 6:00 pm we were both tired so we turned off the cooker and let the chicken sit in the pot. At 8:30 the next morning, we took the lid off to remove the bones and store the cooked chicken.

"We were astonished that 14 hours after we turned off the heat the chicken and liquids that came out of the chicken were too hot to touch with bare hands! This is a total testament to the design and construction of your amazing cookware. BTW, we have saved the broth from chickens that we have cooked recently, put them in freezer bags and frozen them! No more buying chicken broth!

"This device is absolutely amazing!"
- Bob Cancilla

"I just recieved my set of 360 Cookware. My husband called me up to his business and told me to come open my birthday present — a week early. I bought the 1 Quart as a trial and told him how much I loved it. He was tired, as usual and he didn’t say much. I didn’t think he paid any attention to me really. Yesterday I was thinking I was going to tell him I would like the large skillet, 2 Quart Saucepan and the 8 quart kettle. I am so thrilled to get the whole set!

"I have NEVER had a real good set of cookware and yet I have cooked all my life. I am 67 (or will be — ha!). I am getting ready to clear out all my old pans and take them to the junk shop — they have a metal dumpster. They are not really fit to give to anyone. The only pan I am keeping is a club aluminum 2 qt my aunt gave me for a wedding present. It  is still good and I have used it all my married life. I am sentimental about it. The rest goes in the junk! Ha! I can't wait to try them out and try new recipes!!"
- Peggy of Tamaroa, Illinois 

“360 Cookware has given me my most satisfying cooking experience. I was a little skeptical at first, but once I got it home it exceeded my expectations. The food tastes better, the cookware is easy to clean and it’s pretty! What more could you ask for?”
- Michelle from Pittsburgh, PA

I thought I would never cheat on my favorite cookware, All-Clad, but when I was given the opportunity to prepare a few meals with 360 Cookware, I realized I had to make room in my cabinets for even MORE cookware.  The whole notion of vapor cookware sounded like someone was trying to blow smoke up my oven, but 360 Vapor Cookware is even better than you guys boast. It is positively fabulous!”
- Tori from Atlanta, GA

My new cookware is fantastic! I have never been so enthusiastic about coming home and preparing dinner after a long day at work, but a healthy meal that tastes incredible with barely any work is just what I need. Thank you for such an incredible product and I can’t wait to see what’s next from 360 Cookware!”
- Pamela from Santa Barbara, CA

From the first time I used my 360 Cookware I was compelled to be in the kitchen again.  My mother was a very talented sous chef and I have always wanted to be able to cook with the grace and ease that she embodied.  I am finally able to match her skill.  I make dinner almost every evening for my family and friends and they are awed by the creations this cookware allows me to create so easily.  Thank you for offering not only a product that makes life a little easier, it lets me continue my mother’s legacy of culinary talent and pass it on to my daughter.”
- Elizabeth Rose from Perth, NY

"Hello, Donna, how amazing that you contacted me about my 360 Cookware. I was getting ready to write to you. I found your website by snooping around the Net. So far I've cooked potatoes and veggies in my beautiful pots and am flabbergasted. Potatoes without water??!! Veggies without water?!! No way! Yes, it worked! Frankly, I did not believe what your Website claimed about steam cooking. My real reason to buy from you was my unwillingness to buy from China, Taiwan, etc. Sorry for the prejudice. My preference is American made and the best quality from among the few USA products. It's my little way of supporting American businesses. Whereas I did not believe the claims about steam cooking without water, I believed your claims about the quality of your Cookware, how the pots are constructed. They had to be good!

Today I started sliced golden potatoes, skin on (with a moist folded paper towel on the bottom of the pot) at 12:40 p.m.; broccoli/cauliflower at 12:50p.m. and served a delicious meal by 1:15 p.m.! (Grilled the rib eye on our grill outside). The great thing about your pots, beside keeping in the vitamins, is that it saves time not to have to deal with draining the potatoes, discarding the water and then put them back in the pot to toss and dry over a high flame. In your pots, they're ready to eat---with a little butter and if no one looks, a little salt, too. Now I need to get a skillet from you to try out the meats and fish, especially during the winter when grilling outside is not much fun.
Yes, I will recommend your Cookware to friends and plan on buying a set for our daughter. First I'll demonstrate with my pots in case she doesn't believe me! She has young children and needs all the help she can get and also preserve the health of the food.

Thank you for your excellent product."
- Gisela Fitzgerald


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