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Why Choose Made in America?

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With our current economy still struggling, many Americans feel compelled to take action, to help generate the country’s economical growth and bring prosperity back to our nation, but feel powerless to make a substantial impact. However, believe it or not, you do have the ability positively affect the economy every time you spend your hard-earned income on products made in America.

The reasons for choosing products made in America to achieve these goals are often overlooked, or seem insignificant. Concerned citizens misinterpret the inherent advantages to themselves, their neighbors, or our nation’s well-being, by purchasing American made products.

However, making a conscience effort to buy products made in America can not only boost the economy, but also help the global environment, and provide peace of mind through a quality investment.

Boosting the Economy

You may believe that years of outsourcing has effectively reduced the number of products made in America, but actually, there are still plenty of companies, industries, and emerging small business entrepreneurs who produce American made goods. You just have to know where to look.

For example, Broil King manufactures tabletop appliances in the USA, and Fiestaware has been producing dinnerware in West Virginia since the late 1800’s. Roy Toy has been making toy wooden building sets since 1930, and the craft community of Gatlinburg, TN offers hundreds of products made in America from incredible skin care items to decorative pottery and ironwork.

By choosing products made in America, such as your Americraft 360 Cookware, you support companies that pay taxes (lots!), wages and salaries in the United States. You’re investing in our nation’s growth and prosperity every time, generating increased sales, which lead to higher production, more jobs, etc.

Protect the Environment

The United States is a leader in green manufacturing, and businesses that operate on our soil are subject to stringent federal guidelines and inspections. Established rules, concerning the disposal of harmful contaminates and the prohibition of certain materials help protect our citizens, and our natural resources.

Wide ranges of industries produce and manufacture goods in the United States, from electronics and appliances, to clothing and food, and everything in between. All of these goods are manufactured according to the world’s most narrow regulations for pollution control.

Finest Quality

American ingenuity is our birthright, and we are blessed with access to the latest and best inventions. Our ability to imagine, and then create products made in America that are better, faster, and stronger, has made our country great, and in some things we maintain superiority.

For over 100 years, America has been the world’s leader in producing the finest steel. Innovations in its production have been refined, producing safer methods of manufacturing, which along with EPA, and other compliance regulations, combine to produce the highest quality.

Buying American makes sense in many ways, therefore, instead of looking for an economical solution at the hand of bureaucracy; why not use your own buying power to initiate real growth, by purchasing products made in America?


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