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About Us

360 Cookware is manufactured in West Bend, Wisconsin by Americraft Cookware, and our corporate offices are located in Central Florida. This brand of cookware is one of the finest in the cookware industry. Americraft Cookware has taken advantage of the rich heritage developed by generations of cookware artisans in the heartland of America. We’ve expanded upon their technology, updated the design and developed a product for the next generation of cooking enthusiasts.

We are proud to be American owned, operated and offering American made products to you. As a small company, keeping business in America can be a challenge. However, 360 Cookware was developed to ensure that there would be a viable domestic cookware option for consumers who preferred quality products and had a passion for supporting the American economy. Our company's production helps employ more than 9,000 Americans through the various vendors and suppliers who help us provide you with the best stainless steel cookware. It's not just about our company, it's every company we do business with — from the company that makes our steel to the company that fulfills our packaging needs — its all kept in America. The only exception is our stainless steel handles, and trust us, it bugs us! We have not found an American company who can make our handles but we trust this is a temporary situation.

We like to think of 360 Cookware as a “modern” cookware company. Technology has presented ample opportunities to make cooking fun for hobbyists and has offered a ton of information to educate and inform. We’re proud to be one of the first cookware companies to utilize technology, not only to enhance our products, but also to engage, inform and educate our customers. We want to provide you with more than just great cooking utensils. In fact, we have developed a process that we follow to make sure you have a lifetime of unique cooking experiences:

Invite: 360 Cookware invites consumers to learn more about our products through several channels including social networks and media opportunities.

Inform: We introduce and inform you about the benefits of quality cookware that helps you cook healthier and that lasts a lifetime.

Demonstrate: Through live demonstrations, videos and webinars we show you how the cookware functions.

Educate: 360 Cookware consistently provides educational material to our customers and not just relating to our cookware. Our chefs, engineers and retail partners share tips and information that allow you to get the most from your cooking experiences.

Support: No matter the issue, we support our customers to the fullest and we are always available. Our Customer Service Team is the best in the industry and our “digital dining rooms” (aka social media networks) are always open.

Give: Our most important goal is to give back to the community that has supported our effort to provide a lifetime of quality cooking experiences to families around the world.

Following this process has allowed us to develop a culture of loyalty and graciousness for which we are sincerely proud. Our goal is to provide you with information that helps make cooking fun and healthful — even after you’ve made a purchase. 

It's exciting to see the demand increasing for products made in the USA and we will be here to keep meeting that demand. We appreciate you supporting an American Company by purchasing 360 Cookware.  You can sleep soundly at night knowing that American workers hand crafted the very piece of cookware you use everyday and that you are helping many people stay employed across America!