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Factory Seconds 4 Quart Stockpot with Cover

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*Factory-Seconds is cookware that contains slight blemishes that don’t allow them to be sold as First-Quality. Close to 90% of the imperfections are due to slight cosmetic blemishes such as scratches, nicks, or imperfections.

The 4-quart stainless steel stockpot unit is one of our most versatile utensils. On the stovetop it acts as a “little oven,” baking small chickens and game hens to perfection. Placed on the stainless steel Slo-Cooker Base, the 4-quart stockpot cooks all day while you’re away! Busy families will love the convenience and the way meals always turn out flavorful and moist.

Diameter = 8 1/2"

Category: Factory Seconds

Type: 360 Cookware

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